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New to the Studio?

Welcome to SoulShine! We can’t wait to meet you and practice with you!
Here is some helpful information.

$49 New Student Special

30 day unlimited membership valid at both studio locations

*Available only to those who are brand new to SoulShine and have not yet taken a class at one of our studios.

New Student Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the $59 New Student Special and the $49 BTV New Student Special?

The $59 New Student Special works at both studio locations. The $49 BTV New Student Special is valid only at the Burlington Studio. If you’re interested in trying both studios, try the $59 New Student Special!

I’ve never practiced yoga before. Where should I begin?

We enthusiastically welcome beginners! Our studio is a non-judgmental and supportive environment. We recommend beginning with a Gentle class so that you can move at a slower pace and ease into the yoga practice. Also keep an eye on our workshops, because we regularly offer Beginners Yoga series that are designed as a thoughtful introduction to yoga. 

If you prefer to jump right in, you can absolutely take a Vinyasa or Power style class. Expect to be challenged, while pacing yourself as you see fit, resting as needed, and staying hydrated throughout. It can be uncomfortable being ‘new’ at something, but try not to take yourself too seriously and trust that you’ll catch on quickly. 

We suggest letting your teacher know before class if you are new to yoga … they might be able to offer you some tips before or after class!

What should I expect? What should I wear?

Arrive 10-15 mins early to check-in and fill out a studio waiver, and so we can show you around the studio. If you’re comfortable, let your instructor know you are new to yoga so they can offer you some tips before or after class. Wear comfortable clothing that you can move freely and sweat in. Bring a water bottle and yoga mat if you have one (if not, we have some you can borrow at first). You’ll practice barefoot, so don’t worry about footwear. 

The primary emphasis of the class is connecting with your breath and finding a breath-body connection that you can sustain throughout the practice. Classes typically begin with a few moments of breathing/grounding, followed by a gradual rise in intensity as you move through postures with your breath. Know that you can always pace yourself, rest, or ‘do you own thing’ as necessary, and without judgment! Class will wind down into what is called savasana — a Sanskrit word meaning corpse pose. Savasana is at the end of practice where you completely relax and let go of all effort. Expect to feel grounded, relaxed, and strong after class. 

You’ll get the hang of it quicker than you might expect!

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