Teacher Bios

Apryl Larkin

Apryl came to yoga as a runner wanting to avoid injury, but quickly fell in love with the practice. She really fell in love with yoga in 2011 when she moved to Omaha, Nebraska, and met an amazing teacher there who told her that she knew one day Apryl would teach. That planted a seed that came to fruition in 2015 as Apryl enrolled in the 200-hour teacher training program at Laughing River Yoga in Winooski.

Apryl loves the ability yoga gives to build strength in the body and enjoys a Vinyasa practice, powerfully linking breath with movement. She enjoys inverting and arm balancing, but also holding poses to build strength and flexibility. She is so grateful for the many teachers and students who inspire her on a daily basis.

Beth Blair

Beth came to yoga while pregnant with her second child. An avid runner who never stretched, Beth immediately saw the benefits of yoga. It quickly turned into a passion and before her son’s second birthday she was enrolled in Yoga Teacher Training at a studio in North Carolina. Beth has been teaching since 2011 and has had the opportunity to study with some of her favorite teachers: Raghunath, Kreg Weiss, Coral Brown, and most recently Clara Roberts-Oss and Nico Luce. She takes inspiration from these teachers, leading sequences that flow in a moving mediation.

Christina Fornaciari

It took some time for yoga to “stick”, but after discovering the right teachers and class environment, yoga has deeply impacted Christina’s overall wellbeing. After several reconstructive knee surgeries, yoga has helped her reconnect with and build confidence in her body. Christina creates an inclusive and non-judgmental space for students to explore the embodied experience and create spaciousness in the mind and heart. Her style balances effort and ease with a focus on cultivating self-acceptance, patience, and joy both on and off the mat.

Through Laughing River Yoga in Burlington, VT, Christina has earned her 200-hour Yoga Alliance Certification as well as completed the Teacher Enhancement Program. She is working towards the remainder of her 300-hour yoga teacher certification with Laughing River Yoga as well.

Emily Souliotis

Emily has been practicing and teaching yoga for five years. She earned her 200 hour teaching certificate through Yoga Vermont in Burlington, and is currently working on her 500 hour certificate. Although Emily loves teaching many styles and levels, her favorite class is a challenging vinyasa! When she’s not teaching, Emily loves spending time with her husband, two little ones, and boxer pup.

Jessica Child

Physical exercise has always been important to me. My yoga practice over the years was intermittent though. I think a part of me wasn’t ready for the mind/body connection. To allow myself to open up, to be vulnerable, and to listen to what my body was telling me. The pivotal choice of choosing to live a sober life and to work on self led me straight to yoga. I received and continue to receive an outlet to free myself from the bondages of the mind and body. Connecting movement with breath has brought joy into my life. The yoga community and philosophy continues to inspire me to be a better human. Yoga is in my heart and I work on carrying it with me in my everyday life.

I received my 200hr YTT certificate from Honest Yoga with a strong focus on alignment and therapeutics. I am yoga alliance certified. I have an eight year old son who is my nearest and dearest little yogi!

Laura Birdsall

Laura began her yoga practice in 2011, initially seeking a routine to compliment her passion for running and fitness. She quickly fell in love with yoga, realizing that the physical practice was an access point to her mind. Laura approaches yoga as a transformational way for us to slow down and come home to ourselves.
Laura completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training with John McConnell at the University of Vermont. She is finishing her requirements in a 25-hour Trauma Sensitive Restorative Yoga Training, led by Eleanor Bramwell.

Laura Neal

Laura became interested in yoga when she was majoring in religious studies at University. She studied many Eastern religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism and learned about meditation and yoga from these ancient traditions. She did her first 100 hour YTT course in Rishikesh, India in 2017 and fell in love with the practice and philosophy of yoga. She completed her 200 hr YTT at Yoga Vermont in 2019 where she practiced ashtanga and vinyasa. She is also passionate about meditation and sharing it with others through her teaching of yoga. She believes that yoga can be a metaphor for many things in life. If we challenge ourselves by holding poses through sensation, we gain strength not only in our bodies but in our minds so that we can breathe through difficult situations in life gracefully. Yoga trains our bodies to be flexible so we can move through life with flexible minds, living and breathing the practice of non attachment. Off the mat she loves to travel and experience new things, always looking to gain inspiration as well as continue to learn and grow. She also enjoys expressing creativity in the form of jewelry, art and dance.

Malaika DosRemedios

Malaika DosRemedios (E-RYT-500, and YACEP) is a full-time teacher of the Tantric Tradition of Hatha Yoga, group fitness instructor and personal trainer in the Burlington, Vermont area during the late spring to mid fall and lives in Key West, FL during the winters. When not in Vermont she is traveling and teaching all over the globe. In the recent years, Malaika has lead Intensive Immersion Teacher Trainings in Bali, Indonesia and clinics for students and teachers in Sydney, Australia.

She enjoys working with communities, inspiring others into their best selves. She is a community partner, and consultant with other yoga communities globally, helping to fine tune their vision and creates collaborative partnerships with other teachers and studios involving yoga retreats, teacher trainings and events throughout the world. Her life is dedicated to this work and she always feels as though it is just beginning. She and her beloved Yellow Lab “Teddy,” who is a certified Therapy Dog of Vermont, like to volunteer in their free time unleashing smiles to folks in need of personal visits.

Noelle Davis

Noelle Davis has practiced yoga for the last 16 years and completed her 200 hour teacher training through Yoga Vermont. Her vinyasa classes focus on being present, listening to the breath as the voice of the body, and having fun. The connection that we all make through breath, movement, and our minds is what inspires Noelle to get on her mat everyday. She believes that through the physical mind we can free the mental mind. Noelle is grateful to be here sharing her love and adventure for yoga, for her teachers who inspire her daily, and most especially for her family, as it is their love that makes living her life blissful.

Paula Palermo

Paula has practiced yoga for over 20 years, first coming to the practice through pre-natal yoga when she was expecting her first child. Over the years Paula drifted in and out of practice, eventually developing a strong daily physical practice and today continuing to focus not only on asana but also the more emotional and energetic aspects of yoga and moving the lessons of her practice off the mat and into the world. Paula completed her 200 hour Vinayasa teacher training at Laughing River Yoga in 2018. Paula identifies as a teacher, she enjoys bringing the lessons that yoga has taught her into her fourth grade classroom through movement, mindfulness and compassion. Fostering wellness, self-love and building strength as well as supporting practitioners in developing a meaningful and sustainable life-long practice are the goals of her teaching. Expect a mindful practice which integrates breath-body connection, humor and music with Paula.

Rachel Cowan

Rachel found yoga over fifteen years ago, beginning with the fundamental Ashtanga sequence and exploring many other disciplines since. She fell in love with yoga, the union found in practice, one’s ability to quiet the mind, focus on breath, challenge the body, and most of all have fun!

Rachel teaches Vinyasa flow yoga with creative sequencing that will work all areas of the body, focusing on opening the heart and undoing the ways in which we’re hard on ourselves in our day-to-day lives. Rachel hopes that through mindful practice each practitioner will cultivate a sense of awareness and awe within their individual practice, taking time to enjoy. Rachel enjoys intertwining music and philosophy into her teaching, while never taking practice too seriously. When Rachel is not in class practicing yoga, she enjoys being on the water, hiking, art, writing, live music, food, and finding new adventures.

Rachel Lacourciere

Rachel is a registered yoga teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance and has been practicing yoga for almost 20 years. She currently teaches group classes in a wide variety of venues, as well as privately. Rachel specializes in teaching to the needs of the individual, bringing to SoulShine an energetic vinyasa practice designed to improve each student’s flexibility, strength and overall well-being.

Sarah Kenny

Sarah began her yoga journey in 1999 as a self-taught Ashtangi; she was immediately hooked! Through the years Sarah absorbed as much knowledge as she could, attending multiple teacher trainings and advanced weekend workshops, and mentoring with many of the renowned yoga teachers of today. The teachers that have made the biggest impact on her life, practice, and teaching, and whom she is most honored to know, are Manju Jois, Lynne Begier, David Vendetti, and Ana Forrest. As the years went on and her teaching grew, Sarah found she’d learned the most not just from her personal practice, but from her students. She values what they have to teach her as much as what she has to teach them.

Sarah has had a plethora of experiences in life, including social work and counselor, bouncer, office Guru, rugby player, massage therapist, and yoga instructor. She credits her training in yoga and bodywork for turning her fears, injuries, and other life challenges into energy, joy, and fascination. With careful attention and deep knowledge, Sarah guides others on their paths toward empowerment, strength, and personal acceptance.

Sarah O’Donnell

Sarah discovered hot yoga and pilates in 2008 while living in Los Angeles, and has practiced
consistently ever since. She loved how they complimented her fitness routine (running, weight
lifting, hiking), and kept her lower back, joints, mind, and heart, happy. When Inferno Hot Pilates
came to NYC in the spring of 2016, she became a certified instructor and has been teaching
ever since. She taught at various studios in Manhattan and Brooklyn, and in August of 2019
became a certified Baptiste Power Yoga instructor too.

Sarah is also the NY & NJ Sales Manager for a craft brewery called Zero Gravity, which is
based in Burlington Vermont. Needing a break from the pandemic city life, she decided to hang
in Burlington for the winter and cannot wait to meet you! Some of her other passions include art
(ran a gallery in Beverly Hills/Los Angeles for 8 years), music, hiking, spending as much time at
the beach as possible, and traveling.

Sarah Quinttus

Sarah was first exposed to yoga in the spring of 2011 and quickly fell in love with the practice and its teachings. Growing up playing competitive sports, Sarah endured several injuries which resulted in 5 reconstructive knee operations. Yoga was the only form of rehabilitation that made a lasting impact, and she attributes her daily practice to being able to remain active outdoors, whether it be skiing, biking, hiking or kayaking. 

Although Yoga started as a mostly physical practice for Sarah, it has grown into a way of life, both on and off the mat, and has become deeply spiritual and healing for her. Through living her yoga she has learned the power of intention, positive thinking and remaining present. In Sarah’s class you can expect to be physically challenged, play with your edge and find space and serenity in the mind. Sarah has been inspired by many wonderful teachers on her path and is excited to share the traditions of this beautiful practice with her own students. Sarah is currently working towards her 1,000hr IAYT certification in Yoga Therapy.

Stacey Sadowsky

Stacey is an avid runner and volunteer running coach who was told by her massage therapist if she didn’t’ find a way to stretch the body, she would not be able to continue running. That comment led her straight to yoga! Though her body calls for a heated, vigorous practice with arm balances and handstands for strength, her passion is teaching beginners who think they can’t “do yoga”. She loves to inspire, encourage and unite through yoga, breath and meditation.

Stacey completed her 200 hour teacher training in 2019 and will graduate with her 300 hour teacher training in January 2021. She is also a certified chair yoga teacher and volunteer teaches at a local senior center. She is also certified in Dharma Wheel and Yin practices.

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